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Gin and Tonic


2 oz
0.5 oz
Lime Juice
4 oz
Tonic Water
Lime Wedge

Fill a tall glass with ice. Add the gin and lime juice to the glass. Top up with the tonic water and stir gently until the drink is mixed.

Gin and Tonic


The gin and tonic is one of the most beloved classic cocktails. It's accessible to people who aren't confident in the cocktail making abilities, but also offers enough variation to intrigue even the most proficient drinkers.

It's fun to experiment with different brands of tonic and gin to try and find your ideal pairing. I like to use more expensive tonic water sometimes, but I can't deny that I also have a soft spot for the cheap stuff.

Have fun experimenting, it's a good opportunity to try that gin from your local distillery.

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